How it works?

ShareDecor is a portal created from the need to change the interior design at a low cost, while saving time, space and acting ecologically, in the spirit of the idea of zero-waste.


1. Create account

At the beginning you need to create your own account that will allow you to add ads, contact other users, exchange or sell decorations.

2. Add your offers

Once you have created an account, it’s time to exchange or sell some of the decorations. Give them a new life in a different home! Also consider replacing entire sets of decorations – this will allow you to change quickly to match the style of the interior.

At shareDecor, you’ll also find the Occasional Decorations category, which includes decorations for various themed parties (e.g., hen parties, weddings, and babyshower).

3. Live fashionable and zero-waste

Even a small change in the environment has a great impact on both the well-being and condition of the brain. Thanks to shareDecor, this change is also good for our planet and your wallet. If you exchange whole sets of decorations, you will also save time needed to search for interior design elements. What? We begin? Browse for decorations that you like and exchange with other users.

Free of charge.