Frequently Asked Questions

Ads types

Sharedecor gives you 5 different types of ads that you can choose when adding an ad. So far, we have only the option of changing the type of advertisement while it is active. The types of ads are:

1. Sell

2. Buy

3. Bid

4. Exchange

5. For free

It is not possible to select more than one type of advertisement when adding an item.

How auction works?

To participate in the auction, you must first create an account. When your account is active, by entering the auction page on the side of the page you will see a window to bid.

Below the bidding window, you’ll notice the minimum amount you need to offer. When the auction ends and you will be the person who won it – you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

The list of all auctions in which you participate or participated is visible in your profile in the Auctions tab.

How can I contact seller?

To get the seller’s phone number, go to his profile, page or one of his ads and you’ll notice a block with the phone number.

If you want to start a conversation with the seller, first create an account. After creating the account, go to one of his ads and you’ll see a button to send a message. A list of your messages is available in your profile. There you have a message box where you can continue your conversations.

How does the review system works?

There are two types of reviews – buyer and seller. The first step is registration on our portal. Then you need to send a message to the seller. When the seller responds to your message, you’ll be able to rate the seller, while the seller will be able to rate you.

When users visit your profile, they will be able to see your overall review, a full list of your reviews, and filter them by type.

Once published, the review cannot be changed. Both the seller and the buyer have the opportunity to respond to the review.

How can I report ad?

If you think that your ad violates some of the rules of the regulations, you can report it directly from the ad page by clicking the Report button and providing the detailed reason.

The ad will remain active until it is reviewed by the administrator.

What to do when I sold an item?

You can mark the item as sold by going to your account in the “Your listings" tab, clicking Edit next to the sold offer, and then checking the box next to “Mark as sold" and saving the offer. It will be transferred to the category sold in the Your offers tab.

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